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Moji5 is a Rapid Web Application Development (RAD) tool that lets customers easily build and host web-based applications. Using a drag and drop approach, anyone can easily setup data entry forms, business logic, workflows, report and charts, all over the web in your favourite browser.

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Offering : 

On Premise or Cloud

License : 

Perpetual or Subscription

Customize Plugins : 

Salesforce CRM
Microsoft Sharepoint

IBM MQ Server

Oracle DB

Product Roadmap

Moji5 lets you create applications faster because it takes away the tedious work of having to write code to build forms, workflows report and charts. The platform automatically handles a large portion of the requirements of a standard business application, requiring you to only define the forms and fields you need.
Moji5 come with 4 powerful web-based designer tools (Forms Engine, Workflows Engine, Views and Report Engine) that work via drag and drop to let you create a full-fledged applications.

2. Workflow designer engine

The workflow designer is one of the key components that set Moji5 apart from its RAD competitors. The workflow designer allows you to create workflows visually via drag and drop, and then attach them to data entry forms, so that filled-up forms can be routed to different levels of staff for approval.

The workflow engine does much more than this, including task escalation, delegation, e- mail reminders and even pushing information out to third party back-end systems

3. View Designer Engine

The views designer is a rich toolset that allows you to visualize your data in different formats. Once data has been entered by your users through a form, it can be visualized using one of four types of views – Calendar, Tabular, Chart and Composite Views.

4. Report Designer Engine

The reports designer is a web-based drag and drop report designer that lets users easily build reports on the fly. The Rapid4 Reports designer lets users drag and drop fields into a report, design report headers and footers and so on. The reports designer supports all types of different fields including charts, barcode images, and pictures within the report interface itself.

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