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Customer Relation Management


Simplify to Amplify

Salesmoji is an enterprise sales force CRM application on both web and mobile. The app has full user management system with department and role base setting. General modules include Sales and Opportunity tracking, Account and Contact management, Activity and Calendar, Dynamic Report and Dashboard Performance charts. 

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Performance dashboard allows user to have a runtime view of the statistics of the customer activities. 
Salesperson can filter it by the Campaign, date range and so on.
It can be further customized according to needs.
Activities are created by the sales person to assist the daily event that they are going to carry out with their customes. Users can create an activity related to a Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity.
Activity can be view from My Activity List or in a Calendar view. Double click on any date in the calendar to create an activity of that day as shortcut.
Any inquiry to your business should be registered for further actions. Leads are potential sales from someone who has an interest in the product/service that you are selling.
Leads enable user to management all sales potentials, create activity such as meeting the clients, qualifying and converting them to become an actual customer and a sales opportunities.
Leads view allow user to instantly see all leads, sorted and filtered or searched.
This is the potential sales of your company, related to each of your customers and connected to your contacts.
Sales opportunties include how much is the sales amount, whe is the target date to close an orde, what are the products/services in the sales, and so on.
It also provides a simple view of all status of the sales opportunities by stages such as proposed, in negotiation, Win or Lost.
Contacts keep the record of all contactable peson's information from an account (a customer company).
It is also a source for the marketing campaigning. The more information is kept, the better the campaign source list will be. 
A customer's contact details is within fingertip reach.
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