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Create e-mail reminder

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A reminder email has a single purpose: to get someone to act. Whether it's emailing you back, calling you back etc. M5 has function to create an e-mail reminder.

How to create e-mail reminder

Create a new behavior. Put the appropriate caption. Click Action wizard.

Click Create an action.

Click Other Scribe Functions.

Select Create E-mail Reminder in Other Scribe Functions dropdown. Click OK.

Click Save changes.

Click View code. Edit your content accordingly. Click Check Syntax. If no error occur then click Save and close.

  • The Reminder time is time to set when you want email to be sending.

  • The To field is where the e-mail address of the person receiving the e-mail is placed.

  • The CC ("Carbon Copy") field allows you to specify recipients who are not direct addressees.

  • The BCC ("blind carbon copy") field is similar to CC, except the recipients are secret.

  • The Subject should consist of a few words describing the e-mail's contents.

  • The Content is the location you type your main message.

Click Create now.

Sample of email reminder:


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