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How to Design/Create a Report

M5 provide a function to design or create a report.

How to design/create a report

Go to Tabular views. Click Create a new view...

Put appropriate caption. Click Report and click Create now.

Define your data source by click on Datasource.

Tick which data you want to appear in your report. Click Save changes.

Click Design Report.

Click on small 3 lines as image show below.

Click Design in Report Wizard...

In Select Report Type, choose Table Report. Click Next.

Select your data fields to display in the report. Click Next.

You can specify your page setting here. For this example, just leave it by default. Click Finish.

Change your report title by double click on Report Tittle.

After you changes your Report Tittle then click on 3 small lines to save your report.

Click Save.

Verify your report that you are created just now.

Run your app. This is your report look like on your application.


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