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Generate Auto ID

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Automatic identification (or ‘Auto ID’ for short), is the term used to describe the process of automatic data capture via a variety of different technologies and methods. In short, Auto ID is an automated identification generated by M5.

How to generate Auto ID in M5.

Click Auto ID in the form to create auto ID field.

Fill Field name and Field caption.

Set the desired format.

Click Create field.

Auto ID field will be created. Click Edit form behavior.

Put the appropriate caption. Click Action wizard.

Click Create an action.

Click Generate Auto ID.

Select Auto ID field template. Click OK.

Click Save changes.

Click View code. You can see ID that being generated by M5. Click Save and close.

Click Create now.

How it look in the form:

Click Auto ID form and click Save button.

Click on the view. M5 generated auto ID for you.


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