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Dynamic Form Frames

The form frame is much more dynamic, which can be changed from "Theme > Master Setting" html codes

The from title are can be easily changed or removed by simply changing a few codes in the theme.

Example removing the form title

Keyword to change or remove the title;

[$formicon] = form icon

[$formname] = form name

The button list can also now be moved or removed by changing the codes in the theme. It is as simple as copy and cutting it into another div class like <div class="card-body"> to place it on top of the form

It can be placed right above [$bodycontent] to make it appear on top of the form


Keyword for the button list;

[$buttonlist] = button list

The form fields can be set to use single, 2,3 and up to 12 columns, by going to the specific forms, and go to "Form Config Settings > Form Design & Layout" and then choosing the desired layout.

The layout preview can be seen while trying to set the layout.

The column pattern can now be changed with selections of Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical-Center, Vertical-Right, and Table.

While the whole form can be changed, the individual fields can also be changed to be separated from the other fields by choosing the field and opening the additional options and choosing whichever column pattern from there.


Horizontal Layout

Vertical Layout

1 of the fields to have different layout than the whole form


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