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Displaying Message on the Form

M5 lets the user to display notification message.

In this example, will show the message when land on the page.

Get to the Form config for the form.

In the Form Config, go to the Form Design & Layout

And then go to the Edit Form behavior

Click the create new behavior, to create the code for the message.

Click on the Action Wizard for inbuilt preset codings, which in this case display message.

The inbuilt preset codings will be in the Create an action.

Choose "Display a message"

Fill in the message that needed to be shown in the text box below and press OK.

Press Save changes to finalize the coding for the behavior.

After that, you can view the code by clicking on the View code to make any changes on the coding.

This behavior is set to run on every page load, to test on the message, just simply go to the form to check the message set in the behavior.

There are specific ways to set the behavior to run on which will be further explained on other posts.


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